Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan
The Chronicles of the Warlands, Book 3
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 0765352664
Reviewer: Melissa



Lara of Xy, a Queen in her own land, has given up everything to accompany her Warlord, Keir to his home.  Along the way she has fallen in love with his people and more importantly she has fallen more and more in love with Keir.  However, some of those among Keirís people fear the changes that Lara brings with her strange ways.  Considered a great healer in her homeland, the ways of treatment that Lara uses are not always welcomed.  Now she and Keir find themselves being judged, Lara as a worthy Warprize and Keir as not only a leader, but as a Warlord who is fit to be a mate to the Warprize.  Can Lara and Keir overcome the obstacles and find a way to spend their lives together?

I have been waiting for Elizabeth Vaughanís final book in The Chronicles of the Warlands trilogy since I turned the last page of Warsworn.  As soon as it arrived I tore into it, banning my children from my office and read it in one sitting.  Warlord brings a stunning conclusion to the trilogy that Ms. Vaughan so brilliantly started with Warprize.  While giving the reader more than enough romance to keep the most dedicated romance fan hooked, Ms. Vaughan also tells an engrossing story that thoroughly draws you into Keir and Laraís world.  Although I am sad that Lara and Keirís trilogy has come to an end, I am anxious to see what more stories Ms. Vaughan will create to keep me enthralled!


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