Vanya and Lance by J.J. Massa
The Agency series
M/M Erotica
Reviewed by Shannon




Super Agent Extraordinaire, Lancelot Morgan, is in quite the mood.  He’s currently storming through the university corridors looking for one Dr. Ambrozak.  His last mission went horribly wrong when he was given something that didn’t work.  He’s determined to get to the bottom of this, but he doesn’t expect the good doctor to be so appealing.                                

Doctor of Chemistry, Vanya Ambrozak, is at first surprised to see the big agent storming into his office.  He doesn’t know why he’s always flustered around the man, but he’s certain he doesn’t want Lance to know about his attraction.

Both men are committed to the Agency that is dedicated to stopping terrorist cells.  Their latest mission puts Vanya in a position he’s never been in before – out of the lab and into the bed of a terrorist they’re trying to take down.  Good thing he has Lance to help him along the way.  The more they are thrown together, the more they realize their attraction might be leading somewhere.  Can an agent and a doctor find love together when this next mission is sure to jeopardize what they have together?

Originally published with another publisher, Vanya and Lance was my first taste of J.J. Massa and it is still my favourite of all the titles I’ve read…at times heart poundingly sexy and at others heartbreakingly tender.  Vanya is an incredibly appealing man; he’s sweet, vulnerable and so darn sexy with his accent.  Lance is the perfect man for Vanya, he’s able to draw him outside of his shell, but he’s also the one person that will move heaven and earth to make sure Vanya stays safe.  Vanya and Lance is the perfect read and I can’t recommend it enough!


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