The Sincubus by Stephanie Burke
The 13th Floor, Book 2
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-171-6
Reviewed by Indy




Nightshade, a hermaphrodite Sincubus with enough piercings to make your neighborhood biker jealous, is a blend of goat, female and male parts the “he/she” is a bastard child from a forbidden Incubus/ Succubus affair.  Hidden in an alternative place from both sides of its genetic make-up, it awaits its next meal with excitement, be it of the carnal or fleshly kind.  Nightshade, so named by its latest meal Ash, a vampire down on life and no longer looking forward to the next sunset or liquid meal.  Ash will soon learn that if it’s death she’s looking for, there are those in this world willing and able to give it to her.

Stephanie Burke, flash to her fans, never disappoints.  If you like your books hot and twisted, then The Sincubus is just what you ordered.  With a complex blend of personality traits, not quite all male with soft feminine attributes, Nightshade is nothing short of an enigma.  I could never quite decide if I was reading a lesbian tale, or about how it feels to be taken by an effeminate male with enough skill to make you lose your mind.  Ash, the depressed vamp in the story couldn’t quite keep her lust at bay and made the perfect morsel for the ravenous demon that knew enough about the female body to leave you delirious for hours.  This story left me laughing, cringing and dripping all at the same time.  If you’re looking for something, wild and out of the ordinary, this is definitely it!  With a perfect blend of plot, kink and quirkiness, The Sincubus made it to the top of my list of books to read again, again and again!


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