The Mad, Bad Duke by Jennifer Ashley
Leisure Books
Historical Romance/Paranormal
ISBN: 978-0-8439-5607-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Alexander Octavien Laurent Maximilien, Grand Duke of Nvengaria, wakes up once more unclothed and bloody.  Not sure what is happening to him or why he is suddenly losing track of time, Alexander knows that if anyone other than his trusted few servants finds out, he will be shipped to a nuthouse.  Determined to find out who or what is behind these lapses, Alexander returns to his room, hoping against hope that no one in his household sees him.  Too late.  When Myn, a logosh, sees him, he tells him something that he doesnít understand but will later.  Itís bad enough that Alexander is in England instead of his beloved homeland, but now he has to deal with riddles as well.

Meagan Tavistock is coerced by her friend, Dierdre, into going to a witchís home in order for her friend to buy a love spell, which she wants to use on a statesman visiting England.  When the talisman is completed, Dierdre refuses to take it home and implores Meagan to keep it for her until later that evening.  While getting ready, Meagan unwraps the love spell and is instantly transported into a vision where she and a handsome, enigmatic man are together.  When the vision ends, Meagan is visibly shaken but continues getting ready for the ball.  Only when she is at the ball does she recognize the man of her vision as Alexander, the Grand Duke of Nvengaria.  When Alexanderís eyes meet Meaganís and he becomes as aware of her as she is of him, there is no stopping their attraction. 

Alexander and Meagan come together in carnal sensuality hot enough to make a nun blush.  What happens afterwards? Is it only the love spell or, by chance, have two people fallen instantly in love?

The Mad, Bad Duke is exquisite.  Like most of the women he came into contact with, I immediately fell in love with Alexander.  I love heroes with attitude, and while Alexander is not a flauntingly over the top alpha, he knew what he wanted and when.  That is what made me care so much about him.  He wanted Meagan, and while they both were sure it was the talisman causing their attraction, he continued to want Meagan even afterwards.  He was loyal and just downright sexy.  I thought Meagan the perfect combination of innocent and siren.  Not sure why she wanted Alexander, she forged ahead and gave him her heart.  It was sinfully sensual and extremely powerful.

Jennifer Ashley, in my humble opinion, has a must read in The Mad, Bad Duke.  If you are a fan of historical romances, then this is the book for you.  If you are a fan of historical romances with a bit of magic and paranormal thrown in to make the story completely perfect, then The Mad, Bad Duke is definitely the book to read.  I canít help but joyfully recommend it!


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