Call Me Cupid by Sydney Somers
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-431-8
Reviewed by Tera




The last thing AJ needs the day before her wedding is the ex she never really got over showing up for the festivities. She has the perfect life with her dependable fiancée and has been content since she and Cooper broke up. But what about that nagging feeling in her gut when Cooper walks into the room during the rehearsal dinner and her heart flip-flops?

Cooper knows he screwed things up with AJ—bad. Since they broke up almost three years ago, he’s never been able to get her out of his mind. Now she’s getting married to someone else and he’s going crazy over it. But with the help of a Greek god, he just might be able to fix the damage he did in the past and make AJ see that he’s the only one for her.

Call Me Cupid was phenomenal read! From the first paragraph to the last, I was entranced, unable and unwilling to tear my eyes away from it until I’d finished every bit of it. Both characters were well-developed and well-rounded, a joy to read about. The secondary character of Eros was a great addition, as well. Some of his lines and actions actually made me chuckle out loud, which is a tough thing to get me to do! I will definitely be reading this one again and picking up anything by Sydney Somers I lay eyes on. Call Me Cupid is without a doubt a recommended read.


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