Aiden and Ky by Allyson James
Tales of the Shareem, Book Four
Ellora’s Cave
Ménage a trois or More/Gay/Futuristic
ISBN 9781419908880
Reviewed by Amelia




Brianne d’Aroth is a member of the ruling class of Bor Narga.  Like the female members of her family, she’s gong to marry well and produce heirs.  Brianne learned long ago that sex is not something that women should desire.

 Long ago, the d’Aroth’s brought about the end of DNAmo, and the basic outlawing of the Shareem, a group of genetically enhanced men who are perfect lovers.  Aiden is a level one Shareem, and Ky, a level three.  Level ones are sensual and pleasing to all.  Level threes are Doms.  They have lived together for many years, with Aiden hiding the fact that he wants Ky’s body.

Brianne inadvertently triggers Aiden’s arrest, and then Ky’s.  She has them released but Ky thinks the damage has been done.  He sets out to teach the highborn lady a lesson.  In the process, he and Aiden find out many truths about themselves, and Brianne finds out truths about men, and sex.

Aiden and Ky, Tales of the Shareem, is a fantastic book, from start to finish.  Allyson James has penned a tale so strong in emotions, and so sexually hot, that I felt like I had melted into a puddle on the floor by the end.

Aiden and Ky are the perfect mixture of sensuality and dominance, helping to guide Brianne into the world of love and sex.  The love they feel for each other, and for her, will warm readers’ hearts and having them begging for the next book in the series.  Ms. James, consider this my official plea!


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