A Much Younger Man by Veronica Wilde
Liquid Silver Books
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59578-308-3
Reviewed by Tera




Kristen hasnít had a date it what feels like foreverówell, a decent date at least. The geeky friend of a friend really didnít count. So when she gets the invitation from her ex-husbandís new wife for the swanky party sheís throwing for Kristenís eight-year-old son, sheís not exactly looking forward to having to show up stag. But when she meets the new wifeís son, something stirs inside her that she hasnít felt in a long time. Will Kristen be able to ignore the age factor and let Dylan prove to her heís the right man for her, or will she cling to the old fashioned ideals of the man needing to be older than the woman.

Dylan knows Kristen is the one for him the moment he spots her at his step-brotherís party. There are only a couple of catchesóKristen is his step-brotherís mom and sheís also ten years older then him. When the opportunity arises to have her, he takes it. But can he prove to Kristen heís in it for more than just a fling?

Loved it, loved it, loved it! There are very few times that you read about an empowered woman being with a younger man. Hey, if itís okay for a guy to be with someone ten or fifteen years younger, why canít a woman do it? A Much Younger Man was a mesmerizing read from start to finish. I absolutely did not put it down until I had finished it and knew how it ended. I loved Kristenís character. Her thought process is realistic, which was extremely refreshing. If A Much Younger Man is any indication of type of work from Veronica Wilde, Iíll be sure to pick up everything I see from her.


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