Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Action Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-935192-81-7

Reviewed by Ley



Dr. Jack Franciscoís seemingly routine day spins out of control when he finds himself an eyewitness to a mob hit that lands him in the witness protection program. The mob will stop at nothing to silence Jack including blackmailing one of the best hitmen in the field to make sure Jack never makes it to trial.

D was good at his job, a killer who had little conscience when taking out his mark especially when they deserved it.  One thing D didnít do was take on contracts of innocent people unless heís given little choice. Blackmailed into taking on the hit for Jack, D finds himself struggling with how to handle the job. When D comes face to face with his newest target he knew killing Jack was not an option, D quickly found his role changed from Jackís killer to his protector.

Now on the run and in hiding Jack and D depend on each other for survival.  As a trust builds between them they lower their defenses with each other and learn that there is more between them than they ever would have thought.

Zero at the Bone is one the best stories Iíve read in months.  Jack and D were the unlikeliest pair. Their backgrounds are so different and the lives they lead were polar opposites, Jack saved lives but D ended them. Even the way they spoke was very different. I loved Dís bad grammar and odd way of saying things.  Jack learns there are reasons why D is as he is and why he chose to lead such a lonely life. The transition of their relationship from odd adversaries to lovers was done very well by the author, Jane Seville.  Every aspect of this suspenseful, romantic drama was believable and very enthralling.  I have been visiting Ms. Sevilleís website often for any tidbits regarding future stories on these two mesmerizing characters.  Zero at the Bone is a must read that I thoroughly enjoyed and Joyfully Recommend.


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