When Irish Eyes are Sparkling

by Thirteen & Tom Collins

Aspen Mountain Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60168-190-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Irish Eyes Pub is owned and operated by members of the O’Shaughnessy clan.  Liam, his twin Brendan plus Brendan’s girlfriend Jill wait tables while cousin Erin is the cook and Aunt Rose is firmly in charge.  When Liam isn’t charming customers he considers himself an artist passionate about painting with fantasy themes as the favorite subjects.  He is starting to gather some interest in his art but its early days.

Their uncle Gabe O’Shaughnessy is an EMT training Oliver Sutton, a new partner working towards his final qualifications.  Oliver is a private person with good reason, emotionally scarred from a lousy childhood and while he’s not in the closet per se he doesn’t discuss being gay. 

When Uncle Gabe brings Oliver into Irish Eyes for a meal and introduces Liam to Oliver there is an instant connection and Liam is 100% smitten even though he’s only dated girls in the past. The problem now is that Liam doesn’t have a clue about dating another fellow.  Oliver also finds Liam extremely hot but isn’t sure about initiating a ‘virgin’ into the delights to be had.  These two men couldn’t be more polar opposites yet there is no doubt they are meant to be together.  Now begins a journey filled with laughter, love, passion, tempers, missteps and more.  It’s up to Liam and Oliver to weather the bad times and enjoy the good times on this adventure of a lifetime.

When Irish Eyes are Sparkling is simply the best love story I’ve read in quite some time!  From laugh out loud dialogue to painful truths, When Irish Eyes are Sparkling is a wonderful, exciting roller coaster ride from start to finish.  Liam and Oliver are so different – it’s great to watch these characters figure out what’s most important to them.  The cast of secondary characters, especially Brendan and Jill are just as important to this tale.  My regret is that there are readers who won’t give this a try because of the M/M storyline which is extremely explicit by the way.  Also, the typos need to be fixed.  At its heart, When Irish Eyes are Sparkling is a lovely, passionate romance.  The best stories make you laugh and make you cry.  When Irish Eyes are Sparkling is that kind of tale and more. I couldn’t be happier to Joyfully Recommend When Irish Eyes are Sparkling.


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