Siren Warrior Chronicles

by Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer

Siren Warrior Series, Books 1-3

Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid

Futuristic-Sci Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60313-415-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



“Siren Warrior Book 1: Maiden’s Curse”

Gypsy Theron wants to join the military academy.  AEssyrian women are decorative property, subject to their father’s rule until wed, not soldiers.  There is no way the feared legendary General Gavin Theron would ever allow his daughter to choose the warrior path.  Gypsy refuses to back down, garnering help when she can.  Colonel Caraculla, her father’s right hand and closest friend, is not exempt from her list.  Caraculla is an AEssyrian Razorback; fearless and honorable, he is used to strong women.  By choosing to aid Gypsy, everything he has worked for is in danger of being crushed to dust under Gavin’s heel.

In “Maiden’s Curse”, all the key role players in the series are introduced, and there wasn’t a single moment where I thought anyone was bland, boring or a wasted effort to the plotline.  There’s lift off and no turning back as an endless parade of bad-to-the-bone warriors and strong, determined women step up to the plate and deliver.  This first installment was a good intro to Gypsy’s journey into the AEssyrian testosterone loaded arena.


“Siren Warrior Book 2: Harlot’s Life”

Gypsy has proven that she has what it takes on the lists; too bad her father still refuses to support her.  A narrow escape puts Caraculla in the position of training her.  However, their escalating passion for one another proves to be a distraction.  The General has not given up on knocking his daughter out of the running.  He is so determined to succeed that he stoops to enlisting Caraculla to assist him. 

Will the Razorback General betray Gypsy’s love and trust by helping to ruin her dream?

I was anxious to dive into the second book.  Why? Gypsy has sheer grit.  She’s her father’s daughter, and he proves to be a nasty opponent for reasons that turn out to be quite complex.  It kept me from praying that someone would put him out of his misery.  Gypsy’s mother, Harlan, is brought more into the spotlight and you can see why she’s so awesomely unique.  Caraculla is terrific as always, since he offers relief from the harsh reality of Gypsy’s chosen career. 


“Siren Warrior Book 3: Outlaw Bride”

Gypsy is a step away from her ultimate goal.  Although she has proven herself on the warrior circuit, she knows that in order to improve her fighting skills and chances of survival, she needs someone in the General’s fighting/experience class.  Meanwhile, her relationship with Caraculla continues to be loving, supportive, and strong as ever, but the handsome Razorback Colonel already has enough on his plate.  Time is running out for Gypsy.  Before it is over, she will have to deal with several life-changing decisions.

“Outlaw Bride” was satisfying, so much so, I was stunned by the fact I’d whizzed through the first two books and had arrived at the first cycle’s end.  The upside to everything is that the authors have left room for more Gypsy adventures.  She will not have an easy time of it, and the best part is watching her take on adversity and win.


Just for the record, I did my homework and discovered that Gavin and Harlan’s story, “Naked Venom,” preceding Gypsy’s birth are all releases from Double Dragon.  Gypsy’s tale can be read as a stand-alone but after zooming through the Siren Warrior Chronicles I’m intrigued by her parents, too.  I am anticipating the release of next two books in the Siren series, coming out June and September.  If this were a movie, it would be considered a darn good B-grade film, and a wickedly delicious guilty pleasure. Believe me when I say that I’m recommending Siren Warrior Chronicles on the overall sheer entertainment factor coupled with a tremendous storyline and dynamic heroine.


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