Return to Me by Christy Reece

Last Chance Rescue Trilogy, Book 2

Ballantine Books


ISBN:  978-0345505439

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Noah McCall is the director and founder of Last Chance Rescue Enterprises.  He takes on cases that no one else will and with huge results.  His horrible childhood shaped him into the man he is today – if only he could get rid of the guilt.  Meeting Samara Lyons throws him for a loop and this carefully controlled man does his best to stay stone cold.  But he can’t.  Samara’s goodness reaches in and grabs his stone cold heart and Noah knows he is lost.  When LCR is called upon to break up a human trafficking ring preying on young girls in chat rooms, Noah knows exactly who to call for help – Samara Lyons.  Going undercover is tough, especially for Noah but he has a mission to complete and helpless girls to rescue.  That is, until Samara is kidnapped by the very person Noah has been trying to find.  With cunning and precise measures, Noah puts himself in danger going undercover for the role of a lifetime – he is not willing to allow Samara to be harmed – even if he has to die to keep her safe.

Talk about a big bang!  Return to Me is exactly the type of story that I wanted for Noah.  Meeting him in Christy Reece’s first installment, Rescue Me, I could sense his underlying sadness and somewhat guarded feelings.  He has spent almost his entire lifetime alone and unwilling to trust anyone.  With just one crook of Samara’s finger, this tough but sexy man doesn’t know what to do. Should he trust her with his heart? How can they have a life together when his life isn’t his own? Those are the questions constantly running through Noah’s head.  It’s a good thing Samara is his perfect match – witty, sensual, and stronger than she looks, she definitely gives Noah a run for his money.  However, she is not willing to settle for anything less than forever. 

Return to Me will entice you further into the world of Last Chance Rescue Enterprises and leave you begging for the third installment, Run to Me.  You will cheer out loud for Noah and Samara – I know I did.  Suspenseful, sensual, and just downright gritty and full of action, Return to Me is definitely a keeper – I joyfully recommend it!


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