Psychic Heat by Madison Blake

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic, Ménage a trois

ISBN: 9781419921889

Reviewed by Jo



Rhiane is a telepath journeywoman who loves her job, but lately she has been having problems with her powers.  She has been blacking out at odd times.  Scared that something is seriously wrong, Rhiane makes an appointment with a Master healer.  All is well until Rhiane is escorted into his room and she finds one of the two men she had a spectacular night of sex with.  Oh no, is this Master Morgan?

Morgan and his partner Jaden are both master healers and have been searching for the mysterious woman who left them six months ago.  Without any form of identification, neither of them had any luck finding her.  Now Morgan is surprised when his appointment walks in and he discovers that Rhiane is that same woman.

Jaden and Morgan are not going to let Rhiane disappear on them again.  The same attraction that came out erotically that night is still there and more powerful than ever.  But first, they have to figure out just what is causing her to black out and worse.  Her powers seem to be fine so it has to be something else.  When the answers are found, Morgan and Jaden prove to Rhiane just how supportive they can be.  Especially when the danger that was directed at Rhiane suddenly shifts to someone that means the world to her.  Will the love shared between them be enough to hold Rhiane together and to show her that their love is the forever type?

Two male partners and one mysterious woman—Psychic Heat begins after an amazing night of erotic sex. Misunderstandings follow, leading the three to separate, only to be reunited again and finally, to the encompassing love they have all been searching for.  Rhiane needs medical help for the problems she is having with her powers.  Morgan and Jaden are master healers who are searching for the woman that disappeared after that unforgettable night.  I could feel Rhiane’s shock to discover just who her lovers were and also Morgan and Jaden’s determination not to let her disappear again.  The suspense of what was happening to Rhiane was the perfect backdrop for the erotic reunion between Morgan, Jaden and Rhiane.  Like all true relationships, they had ups and downs at the beginning. The support they gave each other was especially important at the end when all misunderstandings were cleared up and everyone came home.  Psychic Heat will make you sizzle while the adventure will keep you intrigued. 

When a book keeps me thinking about the characters well after I have finished it, I know that it is one that I must Joyfully Recommend.  Psychic Heat is one of those books.


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