Out of Time by Samantha Graves

Grand Central

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: (10) 446-61837-3

ISBN: (13) 978-0-446-61837-3

Reviewed by Amelia



Jillian Talbot is a museum curator. She also has a special gift. She can see an artifactís past, learning about how it was created and the people that are connected to the object. She loves her job, but keeps her talent a secret. Or so she thinks.

Simon Bonner is a tomb raider, although he wants to retire from the business. When his ex-wifeís fatally wounded current husband shows up on his doorstep, he leads Simon back into the game. Simonís ex has been kidnapped, and only Jillian can help him find the treasure the kidnappers are seeking to exchange for Celina.

Jillian believes people are generally good. But as she and Simon make their way to Mexico to hunt for the treasure she finds out some people are only out for money. She also discovers a growing attraction to Simon, even though he represents the less than legal side of archeology.

Can Jillian and Simon find the treasure in time to save Celina? And can their overcome their differences to fulfill the love they feel for each other?

Out of Time is a fast-paced, thrill of a journey. The action starts in the first chapter and doesnít let up until the last. Simon and Jillian face great peril and adventure as they search for the Archives of Man. Jillianís gift leads them through Mexico, and Ms. Graves vivid descriptions make the expedition come to life.

This novel has a great deal of everything: action, adventure and romance. I hated to see it end, and eagerly await Ms. Gravesí next offering and I Joyfully Recommend this book for all lovers of romantic suspense; it will keep you on the edge of your seat, and wondering why you canít turn the pages faster.

Although not listed as part of a series, Jillian is the sister of Raven Callahan, featured in Ms. Gravesí book Sight Unseen.


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