Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7



ISBN: 978-0451225856

Reviewed by Jo



Rehvenge lives a duel role in his world; one of which is well known in the underworld and the other as the family figurehead and leader of the glymera council.  Both of which bring him in touch with the Brotherhood, that and his sister is married to a Brother.  However, Rehvenge keeps his distance from them and many others because of a secret that he has Ė one very few know of but that can destroy those he cares about.

Ehlena was once part of the glymera but now lives modestly with her father and works as a nurse.  Because of her fatherís illness, Ehlena keeps mostly to herself and has not had much of a personal life in years.  Just when that might be ending, she comes face to face with Rehvenge and begins to wonder about him.  Even while something inside tells her that maybe she shouldnít look that direction she canít seem to stop herself.

Rehvenge sees everything he is not in Ehlena and has added her to the very few he cares about and protects.   A caring and softhearted act takes away Ehlenaís job and places her within Rehvengeís care.  At just about that same time another malicious act forces Rehvengeís hand and he makes a decision that not only attempts to destroy any feelings Ehlena might have for him but also his world as it has been.  Later as Ehlena has time to think about all that has happened, she knows that something is not right and starts to find out exactly what happened to Rehvenge that night.  If Rehvenge and Ehlena have any type of a future, itís going to take all the trust, love and determination that Ehlena and his friends have to bring it forth.

Lover Avenged is the first Brotherhood book that is outside but parallel to the actual Brotherhood.  Rehvenge has always done what was needed to protect his family from his secret and the disgrace it could cause them.  Ehlena works hard to keep her family from losing anything more than they have.  One night at the clinic leads them onto a pathway of wondering, discovery, mistrust, denial and finally a love so strong not even death can stop it.  Ms. Ward took me on another thrilling roller coaster ride while unfolding Rehvenge and Ehlenaís story.

While the main plotline of Lover Avenged deals with Rehvenge and Ehlenaís path of finding and believing that their love could be possible, there are two other serious plotlines that happen at the same time which brings changes to the Brotherhood as we know it.  I Joyfully Recommend Lover Avenged because I canít think of a higher recommendation to give it.  A must read that you wonít be able to put down once started.


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