Kitsune Dreams by Helen Louise Carroll

Amber Heat

Historical Fantasy, IR, Shape-shifter

ISBN: 978-1-60272-500-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Constance Wingate lost her parents to a deadly fire.  When Uncle Martin, her only surviving relative, sends for her, she arrives only to learn that he has passed away. Before his death, Martin arranged for her to marry Japanese noble, Saionji Shojiro.    Although she is unhappy to wed a stranger in a foreign land, she is wildly drawn to her new husband. The young bride is swept along a tide of passion, only to discover that Saionji has many secrets and is not what he seems.   As lies unravel and truth dismantles illusion, Constance is wept into a mystical world of shape-shifters, intrigue and magic.  She must fight for her love, freedom and her very life.

Historically and culturally rich, Kitsune Dreams is a passionate swirl of wonderful imagery with gorgeous and seductive characters.  The excellent research and care that went into this story smoothly transitions you into 1800ís Japan by offering a superbly detailed setting surrounded by a multilayered gothicky plot.  Helen Louise Carroll has incorporated Nippon myth and folklore by pairing it with the modern traditions and social structure Constance stumbles into.  Her innocence is peeled away like the beautiful kimonos she wears until she is exposed to dark elements encroaching on her.   

There is a somber and eerie tone to this story as the more sinister emotions, jealousy, obsession, hatred and deception are explored through the characters.  Section by section of Kitsune Dreams slides away to shock you with each revelation until youíre thrown totally off balance by rising anticipation, which is why I strongly suggest reading it.   Itís a devilishly exotic piece thatís sure to tease, please and win this author a nice following due to her inventive and solid writing.


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