In The Flesh by Livia Dare (aka Sylvia Day)

Sapphire Trilogy, Book 1


Kensington Zebra

ISBN:   978-142010090

Reviewer: Melissa



Sapphire has been the contracted concubine of the King of Sari for 5 years and during that time she’d held his heart. In the beginning, she had hoped that she could also love him but since he had never truly seen her for the person she is, the love never came to pass. That’s why when it comes time for the King to produce an heir and his wife insists on Sapphire’s retirement, she’s more than happy to go. But just because she’s left the palace doesn’t mean the King’s love for her has ended. Now the Queen is determined that Sapphire needs to be gone, not just retired. So when a bounty hunter captures Wulfric, The Crown Prince of D’Ashier, whose country is an enemy of Sari, She sends him to Sapphire as a slave in hopes that Wulfric will kill her. Instead Sapphire and Wulfric fall in love and Wulfric kidnaps Sapphire and takes her to his home, intent on keeping her with him. With Sapphire’s father being the famous general that defeated D’Ashier in battle, she’s less than welcome when she arrives. Add to this the fact that the King of Sari will do anything to get her back. Despite the great love Sapphire and Wulfric share can they find a way to be together with two countries trying to keep them apart?

Absolutely outstanding! In The Flesh is everything I want in a futuristic romance. Livia Dare seamlessly creates a world that literally draws you in. With an emotional connection between Sapphire and Wulfric that leaps from the page. Sexy and filled with adventure In The Flesh simply rocks. Book 2 in this series can’t come soon enough for me!


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