Bad Angels: Falling by Belinda McBride

Bad Angels, Book 1

Changeling Press

Dark Fantasy, M/M

ISBN: 978-60521-204-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Rion Hunter has Fallen and does not recall anything from his life as an angel.  He hasnít just lost his memories; he has lost his voice, his heavenly status and position.  Rex, a Sidhe farmer tending livestock and the fields in the wilds of Scotland, rescues him from his earthly birth/grave.  While he recovers from this traumatic ordeal, the Sidhe is his hope and haven in a strange and frightening new world. 

Rexís growing feelings for Hunter could prove fatal because such a powerful being, if driven to insanity by dark forces, could prove deadly.  He must tread carefully with his charge.  Danger waits in the form of a hungry succubus intent on feeding.  Rex must prepare Hunter for the trials that face them.

What a pleasurable surprise!  Bad Angels: Falling puts the B in bodacious.  I was hoping for something unique, and Ms. McBride delivered.  I offer my lavish thanks. 

Belinda McBride has created an exquisite gem of a story copious with folklore and mythology.  Christian tradition is beautifully interspersed with Scottish/Irish paganism.  Hunter and Rex wonderfully symbolize the essence of culture and religion merging together into something wonderful.   I fell in love as they fell in love.  Gorgeous.

The language is picturesque and enthralling; I was captivated by the graphic and lush visuals.  I was also impressed by the intricate character development, the sheer intensity and details explicitly and expertly utilized to breathe life into all the characters.  The historical setting is glittering framework to the authorís artistic and lyrical writing.  This series is an erotically charged literary work of art, which is why it I had to recommend it to readers.


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