Drawn Together by Z. A. Maxfield

Loose Id

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-895-2

Reviewed by Ley



Graduate student, Rory Delaplaines had a plan, the woman of his dreams was going to be at the Anime Expo and he was going to drive 1,500 miles from his home in Louisiana to Long Beach to meet her.  Ran Yamane has been the love of Rory’s life every since he discovered the anime artists work when he was in junior high school.  The chance to meet the person he has adored for so long was an opportunity Rory could not pass up.  When he arrives at the convention in Long Beach, things didn’t turn out as Rory imagined, for one Ran Yamane was a man.

Being mistaken for women happened more frequently than Yamane cared to think about.  He’s gotten used to fans bringing him flowers and candy and declaring their love for him so when Rory showed up with flowers and his heart on his sleeve Yamane wasn’t surprised.  What surprised him was his unwillingness to leave Rory heartbroken and dejected and allow Rory into his personal world.  Yamane doesn’t normally let fans too close but Rory quickly became more than a fan to him.

When a crazed stalker from Yamane’s past surfaces, Rory and Yamane quickly find themselves thrust into a situation that would have them depending on each other for survival and learning things about each other that they never knew was within them

Absolutely fantastic story! This is my first Z.A. Maxfield story and it was a fantastic introduction to this authors work.  The writing is very engaging and the story was crazy, wild, fun, sexy and very entertaining.  Rory was the hero of all heroes, so caring, loving and genuine. Yamane was so fragile, yet so strong it was amazing how his character lifted from the pages. The villain was over the top sick and twisted and she fit perfectly with the storyline. I adored Drawn Together and Joyfully Recommend it to anyone looking for a story that entertains from start to finish.


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