Shattered by JoAnn Ross

A High Risk Novel


Contemporary Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0451226129

Reviewed by Tanya



Army doctor Kirby Campbell has seen her share of “hard bodies” both in her emergency room and just around base.  What she doesn’t expect is that Army Night Stalker Pilot Shane Garrett doesn’t want to leave her dreams.  Though they had a quick fling it has left a lasting impression on her.  She figures that it was just a one-time thing and has moved on with her life, out of the Army, and working with an international medical firm.  Her locations are not any better than the war zones she was in while in the Army but she feels that she is needed.  The one thing that hasn’t moved on is her dreams for Shane.  What she doesn’t expect is to have Shane wind up in another of her hospital rooms, especially where she will have to make a decision on how to save his life.

Shane never forgot the hot little doctor that lives in his dreams.  Matter of fact it was who he was thinking of while on that fateful mission.  Now things are different and when she comes to see him, while he is healing in Germany he not only underestimates himself but her, and ruthlessly sends her away.

They meet again when Kirby’s friend is kidnapped and held for ransom, in a desolate Central American county.  Phoenix Team has been called in to help rescue Rachel.  Though Shane in not one of the Phoenix Team he has stayed friends with their members.  Once Shane finds out that Kirby will be part of the team he decides that he will be part of the mission and he is going to do what it takes to win Kirby back.  But, will they survive the rescue mission and will Shane be too late?

Wow, wow, wow Ms. Ross does it again.  I have been a fan of her writing since Blaze, and find that Shattered is again up to the high standards that I held Blaze and all other suspense stories to.  I somehow missed the first two of the Phoenix Team and am now in the position of having to go out and get them 'yesterday'.  Ms. Ross can write a strong female who does not let the alpha male dominate her (unless she wants it) and I think this makes for a better interaction between characters as well as a stronger plot line and book.  I love how Kirby wasn't going to let her insecurities stand in her way of either her career or her love life.  I found myself unable to put Shattered down until I had read (and reread) the last chapter.  I highly recommend Shattered to all those who like a suspenseful military romance story, or strong women characters.  


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