Ravish: The awakening of Sleeping Beauty by Cathy Yardley

Avon Red

Erotic Fairy Tale

ISBN: 978-0061376085

Reviewed by Willow



Dr. Jacob White agrees to take a case that will make or break his reputation. Known as “Sleeping Beauty”, Aurora Jacquard has been in a coma for six years. And none of the “experts” can give a reason why.  Jacob is determined to break the case. From the first time he sees her, he knows he has to help her.

When he sleeps, Jacob falls into erotic dreams of his beautiful patient. He figures the dreams are his way of coping with the fact that he can’t touch her in a nonprofessional way when he’s awake. Jacob feels guilty for what they do in his dreams but he can’t seem to help himself. He is drawn to her as he tries to help her.

Because of Jacob, Rory starts to question her existence on her little island. She never ventures from the hotel she lives in and has been content to live as she has. Now she is not so sure she should be so content. Could Jacob be right? Maybe she doesn’t want to wake up.

Jacob questions his sanity as he realizes that the dreams he’s been having of Rory are not just dreams. He is somehow drawn into her sleeping world when he sleeps.  Then he starts to question Rory’s parents. What he discovers changes everything. Can Jacob wake his sleeping beauty before she slips away forever?

Ravish:  The Awakening of Sleeping Beauty is fabulous!  The story is an amazing take on the story of Sleeping Beauty.  All of the elements are there; the sleeping beauty, the prince who wakes her up and the witch who starts it all. Plus there are a few things (hot sex and more hot sex) that were never part of our childhood Sleeping Beauty.  But who wants the childhood version when this grown up version is so much more yummy. It gives a whole new meaning to “bedtime” stories. And who wouldn’t want to snuggle down and share this story with her own prince charming.  I assure you, there would definitely be no sleeping for quite a while. I Joyfully Recommend Ravish:  The Awakening of Sleeping Beauty.


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