Edge of Danger by Rhyannon Byrd

Primal Instinct, Book 2



ISBN: 978-0373773992

Reviewed by Jo



Michael Quinn is a Raptor shifter and a Watchman sent out to find and bring home Saige Buchanan before the Casus find her.  Normally the Watchmen do just that, watch, but something odd is happening and Michaelís group have decided to be more hands on for right now.  Michael locates Saige just in time, which is just the beginning of what was to come.  His job would be much easier if he didnít want Saige so badly.

Saige Buchanan knows all about her Merrick background and has accepted it as her future.  Saige has been looking for the mysterious markers that somehow are supposed to help the Merrick against the Casus.  Being an archaeologist and having her special Merrick gift has given Saige an up in locating the markers.  Now she is in the jungle with two Casus after her, her friends are in deadly danger and the Watchman sent to find her attracts both her and her Merrick. 

Michael and Saige are on the run trying to make it back to Colorado before the Casus can get their hands on either Saige or any of the markers.  Another problem is that Collective appear to be helping the Casus.  Just what is going on?  The attraction between Michael and Saige is compounding on itself but trust is an issue with Michaelís past and Saige determine to protect those she loves.  Trust becomes an even bigger issue when Saige and Michael have to decide whom they can trust when the final life and death battle happens.  Will the Merrick and Watchmen rule the day or will the Collective and the Casus have both a Merrick and a marker?

What happens when a Merrick and a Watchman fall for each other?  Edge of Danger tells the tale of Saige, a female Merrick, and Michael, a shifter Watchman.  Saige has always believed her motherís tales and can tell her time is almost here.  Michael took the assignment of bringing in Saige believing he would have no problems.  The attraction exploded between them as they set eyes on each other.  Life threatening danger made the sexual needs stronger for Saige but Michael has a past that comes between them.  There were times while reading that I wanted to ask both Saige and Michael just what they were thinking.  Rules sometimes have to be broken and Saige and Michael trampled them in the name of love.  Ms. Byrd had me first intrigued and then spellbound from the first page to the last.  I would have finished Edge of Danger in one sitting but for that little thing called a job.  A well-woven story line and characters that made you believe in them and have to find out what happens next are all reasons why I Joyfully Recommend Edge of Danger.

I am now counting the days until the next Buchanan chapter of the Merricks.


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