Chains by Shiloh Walker

Berkley Heat

Erotic Suspense Anthology

ISBN: 978-0-425-22786-2

Reviewed by Nannette



Fifteen years ago three girls forged a bond when Sherra was attacked and Renee, Lacey, and Deacon saved her.

“Renee: Chains of Rebellion”

Renee Lincoln hasn’t been home in fifteen years. If it was not for her mother’s funeral, she wouldn’t be there now.  Home has too many painful memories. A steamy chance encounter with a stranger makes her feel differently though, until she finds out who he is. Deacon Cross is shocked to discover the woman of his dreams is Renee.  He never thought much of her in high school, but he’s beginning to realize that maybe she was always a better person than he gave her credit for. After spending one night with her, he thinks she was made for him. He may not get the chance to tell her how he feels when someone attempts to make her leave, for good though.

Deacon and Renee’s story is the stuff fantasies are made of. They knew each other once but haven’t seen each other in long enough not to recognize each other. Deacon’s need to dominate is sexy and Renee is a submissive with spunk. With an intense romance and little kink, “Chains of Rebellion” has it all.


“Lacey: Chains of Longing”

Lacey Talbot has to suck it up and put her feelings for Seth Salinger aside while she deals with what’s going on around her. Seth is the town sheriff and the man who’s haunted her dreams for the last five years. One night of passion changed her feelings for Seth and now she can’t get him out of her mind. Seth has been in love with Lacey since they were kids. Once was not enough for him. He wants Lacey forever, but the stranger who tried to kill Renee is after Lacey too.

“Chains of Longing” is the perfect title for Lacey and Seth’s story. Their need, and desperation for each other are tangible. There is an incredible combination of angst and sexual tension between them. Seth and Lacey’s story is the stuff fairy tails are made of with an added edge of danger mixed in.


“Sherra: Chains of Memory”

Best - selling author Sherra Salinger tries to keep her past behind her, but the attack on her left her soul wounded. She has become distant and cold, until she meets Dalton Green.  Dalton creates intense and confusing feelings in her. Although Sherra doesn’t want a bodyguard, she can’t deny the creep stalking her is becoming increasingly more dangerous. Dalton didn’t want to be a guard dog, but one look at Sherra and he can’t leave her side. Sherra is not just a job anymore, but between her stalker and her temperament, he may not get the chance to tell her how he feels.

Sherra and Dalton were made for each other. Sherra needs a protector, someone to make her feel safe. Dalton is that and more. He has just the right combination of strong and gentle. Sherra’s painful past keeps her from living but Dalton helps breathe life back into her world.  “Chains of Memory” is a beautiful story with a dark edge.

Chains is an erotic, arresting, and provocative story told from three different perspectives. Where one ends, another begins. It’s extremely well written as well as suspenseful, romantic, and erotic. Renee was the golden girl with the icy heart, Sherra was the bad girl always looking for trouble, and Lacey was practically perfect in every way. Looks can be deceiving though, and Renee, Lacey, and Sherra prove they are more than what they seem. They get what they need and want from three amazing men. The sex in Chains is sometimes kinky, sometimes hard and fast, and sometimes slow and sweet, but it’s always perfect. 


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