Trust Me by Brenda Novak
Last Stand Series, Book 1
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0778324126
Reviewer: Melissa




Four years ago, Skye Kellerman was viciously attacked in her own home by a rapist with a knife. She narrowly escaped and testified to put her attacker behind bars for what she hoped was a very long time. However, the attack brought Detective David Willis into her life. Skye has loved David almost since she met him, although the most they have shared was conversation and one stolen kiss. David is a man torn between the responsibility he feels toward his son and his sick ex-wife (who never lets him forget sheís sick) and the love he has for Skye. But when Oliver Burke, the man who attacked Skye, is awarded early release from prison, David is determined to do whatever it takes to keep Skye safe. Because in Oliverís twisted mind, Skye is to blame for all that has happened to him and heís determined that she has to pay. Can David keep Skye safe?

Once again Brenda Novak has proven that she knows how to write romantic suspense!  Trust Me is a wide open ride that starts on the first page and doesnít slow down until the ending. The emotional angst of a man torn between the responsibility he feels for his ex-wife and son and the woman who he is filled with love and his need to protect her keeps the reader totally immersed in Skye and Davidís lives. Trust Me is the prefect beginning to what appears to be another must have series by Brenda Novak. I canít Joyfully Recommended Trust Me highly enough!


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