The Countess Of Suburbia by Gabrina Garza
Amber Quill Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-1-60272-108-1
Reviewed by Tori




Miranda Gilbert has known for years that her husband is cheating on her, but now she is fed up with it.  To drive home her point, she rents billboard space along the highway reading simply: “Richard Thoms, I want a divorce. Miranda.”   Now Miranda is raising their twins and trying to cover for her ex-husband when he does not show up for his scheduled visitation days.  When a sexy British photographer mistakes her for someone else, things start looking a whole lot better.

Garic Wenham travels the world taking pictures of environmental, humanitarian, and animal rights issues.  Ever since he lost his fiancée to cancer a few years ago, he has worked himself to exhaustion and has no plans on slowing down.  That is until he runs into Miranda while taking pictures of the pond at the local park.  From the first day, “Mrs. Billboard” intrigues him. Miranda may be worth slowing down for.

From blinding anger to tears of sadness to laughs with loved ones, The Countess Of Suburbia keeps you on your toes. Richard’s behavior is appalling and you just want to shake him the whole time.  Miranda’s family is supportive and fun. I really enjoyed reading it as each chapter unfolded to show a loving relationship form between Miranda and Garic.  I recommend The Countess Of Suburbia to anyone who needs a reminder that there are some good guys out there still.


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