Take a Stranger No More by Beth Kery
The Adventures of the St. Claire Servants, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Historical Fiction, m/f, m/m, m/f/m
ISBN: 1-59998-929-8
Reviewed by Beth Anne




Twenty-one-year-old Kit Chevalier has loved her guardian, Maximilian St. Claire, for most of her entire life.  Max pledged to protect and guide Kit, after the death of her parents, Alex and Kathryn Chevalier, until he can arrange a suitable marriage for Kit.  The exciting twist to Kit and Max’s story is Audie Sinclair, and his position as servant to Max.  Audie is a special servant.

The St. Claire tradition is for the eldest son of the families to be indentured to another St. Clair male to teach the sons “humility, compassion, and discipline beneath the hard hand of a St. Claire master.”  These lessons would teach the sons responsibility for their heritage, fortunes, and family, and would include covering and mastering various subjects from diplomacy, world finance, and serving his master in the bedroom.  Max himself was servant to Kit’s parents, Alex and Kathryn Chevalier. 

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Take a Stranger No More.  Erotic romance with two men and one woman is not an automatic attention getter for me, but Max’s strong dominance, Kit’s hellion ways, and Audie’s sexual escapades made an exciting tale.  The St. Claire servant tradition was an unexpected twist and overall lovely surprise.  Max is believable as a tall, dark, dominant lord of the manor.  Kit is a young beautiful woman on the brink of sexual discovery, with a trace of rebellion that only Max can curb.  Audie…Well, Audie is a lovely young man in dire need of his Master’s services. 

Take a Stranger No More is a Joyfully Recommended read because it surprised me with the plot twist, managed to include hot man-sex as well as an explicit and pleasurable love scene with Kit, Max, and Audie.  The publisher’s website lists Take a Stranger No More as book one of The Adventures of the St. Claire Servants, and I am looking forward to reading more of the St. Claire family.


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