Scream For Me by Karen Rose
Grand Central
Sensual Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-0-446-50920-6
Reviewed by Nannette




Alex Fallon came back to her hometown in Dutton, Georgia, after she received a call from Social Services telling her that her stepsister Bailey was missing. Bailey’s traumatized four-year-old daughter Hope was left alone. Alex had a troubled childhood. She barely survived after her twin sister Alicia and her mother were killed. Putting her painful past behind her has been very difficult, but Alex has done pretty well, until she arrives in Dutton to care for Hope.

 Special Agent Daniel Vartanian of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is originally from Dutton as well and he has his own demons to slay. Two weeks ago, his mentally unstable brother murdered seventeen people, including Daniel’s parents. After taking a leave of absence for two weeks, Daniel is back on the job investigating the rape and murder of a young woman from Arcadia, Georgia. His search for the killer leads him to Dutton where he discovers that a similar crime was committed thirteen years ago. The similarities between Alicia’s murder and the woman found in Arcadia are striking. Alex and Daniel both search for answers. Alex is trying desperately to find Bailey, and Daniel needs to find a murderer. They begin to unravel secrets that some would kill to keep hidden. As Alex is drawn unknowingly into the killer’s web, Daniel is right by her side, trying to keep her safe while trying to solve the crime.

 Dutton is a town filled with deadly and disturbing secrets.  As more women are killed, will Alex and Daniel be able to uncover the truth and stop the killers before Alex becomes the next victim?

 Scream For Me is a dark and gripping story with phenomenal characterization. Whether they are villainous or heroic, each character is flawlessly written. Every day Alex fights to keep her demons at bay. She is amazingly strong. Daniel is Alex’s rock and her protector. He is a magnificent hero.  Bailey’s plight broke my heart, and the villains are sadistic and show no remorse. Scream For Me is a graphic novel of romantic suspense. Alex and Daniel’s romance grows alongside the story’s macabre events as they unfold. The pages of Scream For Me are filled with disturbing images of brutal crimes. I was on the edge of my seat, captivated by the gruesome storyline and the loving relationship between Alex and Daniel. Scream For Me is my first Karen Rose novel but definitely not my last. I love the way she writes!


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