Photo Opportunity by Jess Dee
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-930-1
Reviewed by Jambrea




Daniel Tanner is in love with his best friend Amy Morgan and has a plan to make her his.  Daniel is going to seduce Amy into loving him and being his forever.

Amy is a little nervous when Daniel turns up the heat on their relationship.  They have been friends forever and Amy doesnít want to lose her best friend.  Boyfriends may come and go, but Daniel has always been there.  It couldnít hurt to return his kisses, could it?

Will Dan and Amyís friendship survive the next step?  Should they take that chance?

Photo Opportunity is wonderfully delicious.  Jess Dee made me cry and ripped out my heart.  She gave me that feeling you get when something is about to go very wrong and your heart just drops to the pit of your stomach.  Talk about a roller coaster ride, but I think that is very true for a story about friends turning into lovers. 

The bottom line in Photo Opportunity is trust.  Amy has a lot of trust issues and they come out to play when opening up her relationship with Dan.  Ms. Dee took me on a lovely ride in this prequel to Ask Adam and I am Joyfully Recommending Photo Opportunity and canít wait to read Ask Adam.


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