One Night Stand by Cindy Kirk
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-084791-3
Reviewer: Melissa




Marcee Robbens never expected to find the man of her dreams at her best friendís wedding. As soon as she met Sam McKelvey she couldnít stop the attraction that drew her to him. After a steamy night together, Sam is quick to say goodbye and although she is hurt, Marcee knows that she has to move on. Sheís recently been given custody of her teenage brother and she is forced to move back to the town that she couldnít wait to leave. Imagine her surprise when her new neighbor turns out to be Sam. A widower with a teenage daughter, Sam is determined to be a better father than he was a husband. He wants to make up for all the times work kept him from being the parent he should have been. Before long Sam and Marcee are involved in a secret affair, secret because Sam is determined to put his daughter first in all things, even though heís falling in love with Marcee. But what Sam sees as putting his daughter first, Marcee sees as Sam being ashamed to be seen with her. Even though her heart wants her to stay with Sam how long will Marcee continue to be his secret affair?

Talk about a good time! One Night Stand is a captivating story that pulls on the heartstrings with every page. Sam and Marcee are characters that quickly endear themselves to the reader, keeping the pages turning, waiting for the happy ending. Iíll be watching for more from Cindy Kirk!


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