Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate by Kyra Davis
Sophie Katz Series, Book 3
Red Dress Ink - Harlequin
Contemporary Romance/Woman Sleuth
ISBN: 978-0373793945
Reviewed by Tanya




Sophie Katz is a bit of an original.  She is half Eastern European White Jewish and half African American, which leads to some interesting hair.  She is a famous author and a divorcee who has no desire to ever see her ex, unless it is under a truck somewhere.  She has a cast of friends from sex toy shop owner Deena, to former college professor Melanie.  It is Melanie who calls Sophie for help when she thinks her husband is cheating.  Since Melanie knows that Sophie hasn’t met her husband she is the perfect woman to see if she can entice her husband.  Sophie reluctantly agrees.  After meeting him and determining that he may be concerned about something but cheating on his wife isn’t it.  Unfortunately for Sophie, this is when the troubles begin.  He is killed in a drive by attack seconds after leaving her.

Now she is going to figure out what the real story was behind his death for Melanie.  She reluctantly agrees to have Anatoly work with her (ok she decides to use him and his PI skills) so that she can keep an eye on him.  When Melanie turns up dead and Sophie starts to get phone calls and threatening notes from characters (pink panthers, koala bears etc.) suddenly they both believe Melanie’s husband might not be the victim of a drive by shooting anymore. 

In the spirit of Stephanie Plum (by Janet Evanovich) or Sophie Metropolis (by Tori Carrington), Sophie Katz is a character you will come to love.

I love Sophie Katz and in Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate I have to say Ms. Davis has outdone herself.  Not only is Sophie again in the middle of a murder mystery but also the sexy, dark Anatoly is back.  Will she be able to explain that when she said she wanted a boyfriend that she meant a “Tim Robbins to her Susan Sarandon” not marriage?  This will play out throughout the story.  I absolutely loved the scene where Deena has to explain “plushies” and “furries” to Sophie.  Add to the story the hot interactions between Anatoly and Sophie and you have a winner. I am a recent discoverer of Ms. Davis’s talents and this will not be the last I read by her.  If you don’t want to pick up Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate just due to the title then take my recommendation as it is one of my June Joyfully Recommended reads.  I only have one question now, when is the next one?


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