Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson
Contemporary Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-117804-7
Reviewer: Melissa




In college Adele Harris fell in love with football star Zach Zemaitias only to have it all fall apart when his ex-girlfriend gave him the news she was pregnant. Zach did the right thing and married his ex. Adele never expects to see Zach again. So, when the years go by and Adele finds herself returning home to help her pregnant sister, after her sisterís husband leaves her for another woman, sheís stunned to find Zach living in the same town. Zach has had his time as a football star and after the death of his wife he is now coaching high school football and trying to raise his daughter alone. Zach and Adele soon are in the midst of renewing their relationship but after years in a bad marriage, Zachís not sure he wants to try that again. And after losing Zach and years of dating losers, Adele doesnít want to be hurt again. Can these two find a way to recover the love that was stolen from them in the past? Not if the vengeful ghost of his late wife can help it!

I love Rachel Gibson! There is no way I can say more about this story without taking away the fun so Iíll leave it with this, sexy, clever and stuffed with everything that makes me want to read a romance, Not Another Bad Date simply rocks!


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