Moonstruck by Susan Grant
The Borderlands, Book 1
HQN Books
ISBN 10: 0373772599
ISBN 13: 978-0373772599
Reviewed by Emma




Admiral Brit Bandar, aka ‘Admiral Stone-Heart’, of the CSS Vengeance, hunts down desperate Hurdish Pirates hiding in the Borderlands.  Now the galaxy is heading to a time of peace. A peace she is just not sure of. On shore leave, she is informed that she is ‘trading up’ from her beloved Vengeance.  Under orders from Prime Admiral Zaafran, she will go to ‘the Ring of the Goddess’ for the trade.

War leader Finnar Rorkken, ‘the Scourge of the Borderlands’, an Imperial Fleet War leader, was tired - tired of being tired. After the end of the Great War had reduced his people’s ‘scrip’ currency to nothing, he was forced to pay his crew out of his own funds and to liquidate whatever was not needed or necessary on his ship. He was reduced to the ‘old ways’ of pirating. Now Prime Admiral Zaafran has requested his presence at ‘the Ring of the Goddess’.  Life is becoming surreal.

These two warriors have developed a grudging respect of each other, even though they have never met. The treaty between the Coalition, the Drakken’s and the Earthlings brought these two warriors together after years of battles and sparring. What does the future hold?

Susan Grant’s Moonstruck is a fantastic read. She has written a descriptive story of two people who are working towards the future by attempting to control, not forget, their pasts. From the first chapter I was drawn in by Ms. Grant’s descriptive writing style. Her characters are drawn as fallible, normal beings. No matter what the character’s background is, the reader finds themselves drawn to each one. Also, thrown in is humor for when things start to get intense. I found myself along for the ride in a wonderful adventure. I enjoyed Moonstruck to the point I have to Joyfully Recommend it.


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