Miracle at Midnight by Stacia Wolf
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-710-4
Reviewed by Elysia




Amara was cursed five hundred years ago for her cruelty toward children. She has ten chances, each fifty years apart and forty eight hours long to learn what love is truly all about. She’s wasted nine already. Will this final time be the one? Or will she be doomed to be a statue for all eternity?

"Warning: could cause tears – keep tissues close at hand!” is the phrase found on Samhain Publishing’s website in reference to Miracle at Midnight by Stacia Wolf. They are right. I bawled my eyes out. Although I started this with doubts about Ms. Wolf’s ability to make me to suspend disbelief and accept the premise of the story, I was pleasantly surprised, and immediately fell in love with Amara, Nick, and Sami.

Sometimes I'll read a book and find small problems that throw me out of the story and ruin it for me completely. Sometimes, very rarely, the story is so good, I can overlook those things and even forget about them by the time I'm done with the book. This was one of those times. I smiled, I laughed, I cried. And now I Joyfully Recommend Miracle at Midnight to you. .


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