His Toys by Ruby Storm
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419911620
Reviewed by Amelia




At her job, Melodee Dayton is given the unpleasant job of giving Sanford “Sandy” Willard his walking papers. Melodee likes Sandy, who is a few years younger than she is, and is very, very sexy. Sanford knew his termination was coming, and he’s prepared for it. He’s starting a new company that specializes in adult toys. And he needs a tester.


He offers Melodee a thousand dollars if she’ll come to his house for the weekend, and help him test out his toys. He guarantees her pleasures galore, and a thousand dollars for her effort. Will Melodee take the money for a weekend full of promised orgasms, or will she run for the hills?


Oh my … His Toys is a heady, beautifully written tale that kept me captivated from start to finish. Sandy is an incredible hero, and the relationship between him and Melodee had me smiling through every page. His Toys is a novella that lovers of erotica shouldn’t miss. I know it has a permanent space on my keeper shelf and I Joyfully Recommend it.


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