He Scores by D.J. Manly
M/M, Contemporary
ISBN: 1-55410-809-8
Reviewed by Raine




Growing up in a little town, Terry Donaldson put up with a lot from his peers. In seventh grade, when his crush was revealed, he was cruelly dubbed “Terry the Fairy”. His one salvation was when Eve moved to town. She was also teased when she excelled in Science and Math, showing up the class scholars and being just a little too big, even though pretty, to be accepted into the “IN” crowd. She and Terry became the best of friends and did everything together, including making plans to leave Norwich as soon as graduation was over. Taking a summer job at the local diner kept them in town just a little longer than planned when a bit of excitement came in to the little town of Norwich. 

Terry had yet to experience his first real kiss or truly fall in love, yet when hockey star “The Flash”, Adrian Vincent, comes to town and turns his world upside down. Terry quickly falls completely under Adrian’s spell. Adrian however, is hung up on his first love who treats him horribly.

He Scores is one the of best M/M stories I’ve read. The characters are well developed and I felt like I really got to know them. The plot time line is written in a manner that it is believable. D.J. Manly creates a very realistic story so as the characters feel anguish, happiness and love; you experience it with them as well. I love a story that gives hope, to believe that somewhere out there, true love is being found. I Joyfully Recommend He Scores as a must read as it brims with hope and joy for all us hopeless M/M romantics out there.


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