Eternal Bondage by Vita Anne Hoffman
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60394-164-8
Reviewed by Lisa




Years ago, a vampire attack derailed Avna Soulsmith’s college plans and quite rightly, Avna never forgave the vampire community as a whole.  These days, Avna owns and operates De Facto Self Defense, a store filled with charms and objects to protect and arm humans in case a vampire forgets the ‘harm none’ laws.

Hotel Constantinople is a five-star luxury retreat, the property of Constantine the Great, a vampire progenitor who is one of the most powerful of vampires.  The Bete Noir Club and the Escort Service are housed within the hotel and both are extremely popular with vampires and humans alike.

Avna and Constantine are in the early stages of a love/hate relationship when Rasputin, another progenitor, arrives with the intent of usurping Constantine and controlling Avna.  Rasputin and his crew leave a trail of bodies in their wake.  Only Avna and Constantine have the power and skill to stop this evil if they can stop fighting with each other long enough to join forces and destroy Rasputin.

Eternal Bondage is a fascinating and sexy look at an alternate world where vampires are accepted, some greatly desired.  Avna Soulsmith is a complicated lady with complex desires for ultra alpha vampire Constantine.  There are multiple layers in the plot and secrets around every corner, which I admit kept me up way too late because I was so wrapped up in the plot.  Eternal Bondage is an erotic vampire story sure to grab you and hold on until the last page.  Therefore, I Joyfully Recommend Eternal Bondage!


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