Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon
Loose Id
Erotic M/M Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-1-59632-658-3
Reviewed by Nannette




While camping in the mountains Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt discover a crashed plane that authorities have spent months searching for. Will and Taylor are good friends and partners at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. They were supposed to be on vacation. Taylor is recovering from a gunshot wound that almost killed him and the men’s relationship is on rocky ground since Taylor told Will he wanted him and Will said no. Now, they have a case to solve and 2.3 million dollars to hide while being tracked by the robbers. If Will and Taylor can make it out of the mountains alive they might have a shot at saving their relationship.

Dangerous Ground is fantastic! Its action packed, suspenseful, romantic, and erotic. I love Will and Taylor.  When they’re not dodging bullets or running for their lives, they’re driving each other crazy. Taylor is a little impulsive and Will is more contemplative. They are sexy as hell and they make a great team. Dangerous Ground has the perfect balance of story and romance. I want more! Will and Taylor’s adventures would make a great series!


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