Border Roads by Sarah Black
Loose Id
M/M IR Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-495-4
Reviewed by Ley




The war doesnít end for a veteran when they return home.  Another battle begins as they try to adapt civilian life into the world they now know.  Clayton, Luke, Chris and Gary, Marine brothers, now ex-soldiers from the battlefield of Iraq, their lives converge in the American Borderlands.

Clayton and Luke fell in love during the war, then a horrible accident ripped them apart.  Reunited again, these two men try to put past anger and pride behind them and find the love they once shared.  Chris needs someone to help him through the nights when the images and the memories are the strongest.  He finds peace in the arms of a young girl fighting her own demons of the past.  Gary is just trying to get by.  The world he left behind to go fight the war and the one he came back to, were not as he remembered.  These men found the war at home to be just as devastating as the one over seas.

Border Roads is a poignant, heart-wrenching story thatĎs not just about the four ex-soldiers, Chris, Gary, Luke and Clayton, but itís also about Melody, Henry and Mike.  Sarah Black wrote an ensemble piece thatís beautiful, sad, and heartbreaking and once I started reading it I couldnít put it down.  Everyone of the characterís stories is so well developed that I felt such a strong connection to them.  Luke and Claytonís strength and love for each other amazed me.  Lukeís will to survive after the accident that left him facially disfigured as well as Claytonís love for Luke and only seeing the man he loves and not his scars was unlike anything I have ever read.  I was totally taken with Melody as well, for a young girl she has faced a lot and has many more obstacles to overcome.  Border Roads is an emotional, and a very touching story about redefining your life and finding home again.  Itís a story well worth reading and I Joyfully Recommend Border Roads.


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