Bonds of the Maleri by Kate Steele
Bonds of the Maleri, Books 1-5
Changeling Press
Futuristic M/M Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-481-6 (Print)
Reviewed by Lisa




Mate Hunt

On the planet Belthola, a unique group of males are born empathic. When they reach adulthood, they become part of a brotherhood known as the Maleri.  These men offer their skills to people on Belthola and other worlds as well.

One such Maleri is Coltas Oldarie, a man wishing for a mate of his own and determined to find him.  Col journeys to Earth to seek his mate and discovers Matthew Ashton and his brother Eric.  At first, Matt denies a bond between himself and Col, but Col is intent on overcoming every obstacle to make Matt see that they are meant to be together.

First in a scorching hot futuristic series, "Mate Hunt" neatly sets up the Maleri men and their place in the universe.  Extremely sexy and fast paced, yet somehow endearing and light hearted at the same time, "Mate Hunt" is very entertaining.


Double or Nothing

After witnessing his brother Matt happily mated to Maleri empath Col, Eric Ashton agrees to journey with them back to Colís home in Taskin City on Belthola.  At a party upon their return, Eric meets twins Greyian and Sethian Dennon who turn out to be Ericís fated mates.  Instant lust and a growing bond have Eric accepting Grey and Seth fairly quickly, but chaos ensues when Eric is kidnapped by a scientist and taken to the planet Arela.  Itís up to Grey and Seth to save their mate and unearth a growing conspiracy before it is too late.

Adventure and sizzling encounters make "Double or Nothing" an exciting story you canít put down.  Twin hotties Grey and Seth and the more sexually experienced Eric heat up the pages, while the mysterious kidnapping gave me another reason to thoroughly enjoy "Double or Nothing" even more.


Between Love and Law

Head of Security for Taskin City, Chasetien Kaldor is a man dedicated to his time-consuming and fulfilling job, yet he yearns for the one thing he doesnít have: a mate.  As he gets older, though, the psychic energy in his brain is building steadily and only his mate can bring him relief and happiness.  A gut feeling one night leads him to the man who would be his, a thief named Cazius Rey. Questionable art collector Kogan Delmon, recently arrived from the planet Lamarra, is blackmailing Caz into stealing a Belthola national treasure, but not if Chase has anything to say about it.  Chase plans to help his mate catch a blackmailer and then claim Caz for his very own.

"Between Love and Law" is sexy, provocative, and all-around wicked fun to read. The Maleri stories just keep getting better and better, and I am having a great time reading this series.  Chase and Caz scorch the pages, all male and hot as blazes!  A greedy collector, an unwilling thief, and a cop make a solid triangle in "Between Love and Law".


Ride ĎEm Cowboy

At the tender age of twelve, Zebian Bakar lost both his parents and learned early to keep his emotions tightly bottled up.  Years later, Zeb is highly skilled in data gathering and computer analysis while still emotionally distant to others.  Zeb is sent to Earth, to Wyoming and the Free Plains Ranch to learn about cattle ranching and breeding for another planet planning on starting their own ranching system.  Part owner of Free Plains Jace Fremont doesnít want a Ďgreen horní on the ranch, but one long look at Zeb and the distractions begin for both men.  When danger threatens, the men stop denying their love, but how can two men from different worlds work things out?

Sexual tension between main characters Zeb and Jace literally jumps off the pages in "Ride ĎEm Cowboy."  Two very different men from Zeb, the Taskin City computer expert, to Jace, the rugged cattle rancher, offer a unique perspective on life to each other.  These characters make the plot fun, sexy, and most importantly a pleasure to read.



Years ago Jorrian Tavaris, a Maleri empath, commited an unforgivable sin and was banished from Belthola.  Since then, Jor has spent his life drifting from planet to planet, living as a gambler determined to not search out his mate and die by himself when the psychic energy buildup is too much for his brain.

Dr. Dane Jeffers once loved a Maleri, but his mate was killed while on a diplomatic mission.  These days find him on the backwater planet Casithia where he treats patients with what little medicine is available.  Fate brings Jor to Dane and to the horror of both, they are destined mates.  Although they plan on ignoring their bond, another stroke of fate shoves the two together during a quarantine and makes things incredibly tough for the men to ignore each other and the bond between them.

"Redemption" pulls at the heartstrings and demonstrates the importance of turning left or right when you reach that fork in the road.  Powerful emotions make "Redemption" the strongest one-two punch in the Bonds of the Maleri series. Two hot guys in pain are hard to beat and what a great pair they are!


Bonds of the Maleri runs the gamut from light-hearted to heavy drama with just about everything in between.  The one common thread in all the stories is the very strong characterizations and the incredibly hot, carnal sexual situations between the men.  Talented author Kate Steele doesnít hold back and makes sure each story is even better than the last one.  This is definitely a something-for-everyone kind of series.  I Joyfully Recommend Bonds of the Maleri.


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