Between a Ridge and a Hard Place by Annmarie McKenna
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-032-5
Reviewed by Jo




Morgan Crenshaw has wanted her boss since her interview and she has decided to make him see her as a sexy woman.  The new temping outfit she is wearing is nothing like her normal work clothes and she really canít stand the sting of the thong, but if this is what it takesÖ

Ridge Casey is co-owner of an architectural firm and he is headed in today hoping to learn that they have won a new project bid.  When he gets into the office, two things give his stomach a punch.  The first is Morgan and her new outfit and just how many of the other men at the firm have seen her in it, and the second is that they were somehow outbid again.

Ridge has no choice but to deal with Morgan and her sexy outfit since his pants are beginning to not feel so comfortable.  Today is going to be both the best and the worst for Morgan.  She gets everything she has always wanted and watches as it begins to disappear when she is suspected of being a saboteur. 

Between a Ridge and a Hard Place is fast-paced and extremely sexy.  Ridge has ignored Morgan for a year now and she is tired of watching his constant parade of women.  Ridge has wanted Morgan for the entire year she has worked for him, but she just hasnít given any signs of how she feels.  I loved it when Ridge saw Morgan and her new outfit for the first time and his immediate reaction to it.  From the way they exploded with each other, Iím surprised that they lasted a year.  While I will admit that I figured out the who did it part before it was announced, it was skillfully done.  Between a Ridge and a Hard Place grabbed me from the first paragraph and did not let go until I turned the last page.  I suggest a large bottle of cold water and locking yourself in a room because you wonít want to be interrupted.  It goes without saying that I loved Between a Ridge and a Hard Place and, of course, itís Joyfully Recommended.


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