Usama’s Journey by Jade Buchanan
The Felidae, Book 3
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-694-0
Reviewed by Rosemary



On the warship Shalmaz, the Gatti Pride is traveling to the planet Himalay.  The youngest Gatti brother, Usama is one of the Ruling Leos, the elite of the Felidae.  Rajiv Citrakaya, born into the largest species among the Felidae, and the only Tigris who associated with others, was different from the rest of his clan.  

Usama had discovered the pleasures that could be had with another being and he is dying for more.  He is drawn to Rajiv and the way Rajiv made him feel, Usama couldn’t stay away.

Usama’s Journey is an erotic romance with sensual love scenes and very sexy cats.  Usama is smaller and a little weaker than the rest of the pride, but his love for Rajiv made him strong. Rajiv is fierce, but the only thing that will make him fight, is Usama.  Jade Buchanan weaved such a creative story that it had me purring, with pleasure.  Leos, Tigris, and Lynx oh my, they are all my favorites.  I can’t wait to collect the whole series.  Usama’s Journey is a fantastic read.


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