The Veteran by Bobby Michaels
Loose Id
LGBT Contemporary
ISBN 978-1-59632-472-5
Reviewed by Rosemary




Hospital social worker Tim Molloy was asked to handle a difficult case.   Ty Gunther is not the most cooperative patient and has difficulty adapting to hospital routine.  Tim and Ty are attracted to each other, and later discover they have a strong bond through Timís older brother Todd who was killed in Iraq, and Tyís best friend in the marines.

The Veteran is an emotionally powerful insight to the pain and injustice to those in the armed forces.  Ty was a casualty of the donít ask, donít tell policy which in his mind, equated to failure.  Tim is determined to help Ty get a fresh start in life.  Love is the rehabilitation that Ty and Tim need to move on.  Bobby Michaels is a voice for those forced to live a double life and a reality check for what freedom is for some. This is a beautiful, not to be missed story. 


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