The Object of Love by Sharon Cullars
Kensington Brava
Contemporary Romance/Paranormal (ghost)
ISBN (10) 0-7582-1371-9 (13) 978-0-7582-1371-6
Reviewed by Amelia




Lacey Burnham is devastated when her twenty-one-year-old son Calvin is killed in a car accident. She thinks sheís handling things well, until she collapses in grief at the cemetery. When she looks up, she sees her sonís former best friend, Sean Logan. He helps her into her car, and then shows up later at her house to offer his condolences.

Sean Logan has always had a thing for Lacey Burnham. But heís hidden it. When she invites him to stay at her house, he accepts. When things get heated between them, they discover that Calvinís spirit hasnít moved on yet and heís not very happy about the things that are happening between his mother and Sean.

Lacey tries to fight what she is feeling, but when she discovers that she canít, she finds out things that make the situation much more difficult. It seems Calvin and Sean were hiding a secret. A secret from the past that broke up their friendship, and is now intruding on present day life.

Let me start this review by saying that I did not want to read this book. It was sent to me by oh Joyous one, and when I opened my package and read the blurb, I thought ďyuckĒ.

Having said that, I have to tell you that I absolutely loved The Object of Love. I loved each word, each feeling, each character and each tiny detail of the story. I wasnít two pages into it before I realized that this was a beautifully written, wonderfully crafted tale that delved into the lives of the characters so completely that I felt as if I were watching a movie.

I devoured each word of this story and, truthfully, will probably do so again in the future. I loved Lacey, I loved Sean, and I loved them as a couple. I loved Calvin and the way he was dealing with his death. The ending of the story left me wonderfully sated and feeling complete. Ms. Cullars has a new fan. I canít wait to read more of her work.

I take great pleasure in realizing that you canít judge a book by its blurb, and Joyfully Recommending The Object of Love to lovers of romance. It will leave you feeling warm and wonderful.


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