Tailspin by Denise Rossetti
Phoenix Rising, Book Two
Ellora’s Cave
Menage a trois or More / Gay / Fantasy
ISBN: 9781419909108
Reviewed by Amelia




Fledge, the Story Witch of the Ten Nations Fair, is helping with meat detail when she makes an interesting discovery: a winged man lying with the corpses. She realizes that he’s not dead. Despite the danger to herself from SpurSergeant, the leader of the Fair, she rescues the man by taking him to her tent.

Miriliel the Burnished, an Aetherii scholar, has been left for dead. He remembers being with his friend, Janarnavriel the Noir, but he doesn’t remember what happened after that. He is grateful to Fledge for rescuing him, and finds himself deeply attracted to the circus girl.

Fledge is also attracted to Mirry, but knows that she’s not in his circle. Mirry, however, won’t be dissuaded. To keep her from being punished for his rescue, he purchases her services from SpurSergeant and takes her to his home. There they discover that they are truly made for each other.

But the world intrudes. Mirry wants to search for Jan’s body, because he knows that his friend is dead and deserves a proper burial. And Fledge feels like she doesn’t fit in with Mirry’s world. When she is offered a job with a famous opera singer, she accepts. Then the real adventure begins.

Tailspin is a fantasy adventure that takes the reader soaring with the Aetherii and never lets them down. This book has it all. There is romance and adventure. Love and passion. Danger and demons. I was captivated from page one and loved it until the end.

There were scenes that made me cringe and scenes that made me sigh. Both Mirry and Jan are strong, alpha males, and it was interesting to watch them interact, and come to terms with how they felt about each other. Fledge, while not educated and sophisticated, is strong able to take care of herself.

Tailspin is an adventure not to be missed. I Joyfully Recommend this tale to lovers of fantasy.


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