Ninja by Racy Li
Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-378-0
Reviewed by Tanya




In a futuristic setting of Earth, the planet has survived the attack of an alien race due to the help of another race who teach humans to bring out their latent powers, as well as alchemy.  One of the things that have become more powerful in this world is the Triads.  The FBI as well as the supernatural ‘superheroes’ are out to stop one of the most notorious of them, the Snakehead Triad.

Attorney Liz is tired of the love them and leave them lifestyle she has led and now wants to have some sort of normalcy in her life.  The problem is how can one be normal, when you are working for a suspected Snakehead Triad member, spying for the FBI and are saved by a Ninja who you are now drawn to.  When she discovers that her mild mannered secretary (Kent) may be more then he seems how will she decide between the mysterious Ninja and Kent.

Kent has his own secrets.  He has a tie to the Snakehead Triad that he has tried hard to sever over the years.  His sister is a member of the FBI, whom he helps out occasionally with his other powers, his superpowers that is.  While Kent doesn’t see his powers as something to make him a superhero many would, it isn’t everyone who has been trained and can act as ‘Ninja’.  He is keeping his secret from Liz as he wants her to pick him and not the mythical superhero as the man to keep seeing.  But, can they stay together while harboring all of these secrets?

Go Ninja Go.  Racy Li has a winner on her hands with Ninja.  Her characters are well developed and face a lot of competing priorities.  I enjoyed the irony that her main character was named Kent. There are some hot steamy scenes both in the bedroom and other places.  I hope Ninja is the first in a long series of stories by Racy Li and I will be first in line for the next one, which is why Ninja is one of my spring Joyfully Recommended Reads.


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