My Fair Captain by J.L. Langley
Sci-Regency, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Gay Sci-Fi Regency Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 1-59998-507-1
Reviewed by Sabella




Aiden Townsend is one of the princes of the regency planet Regelence, but thankfully not the heir to the throne.  All Aiden has wanted to do in his life is to be allowed to pursue his art and become a painter of note.  He has zero interest in political intrigues, mingling in society or worse still - acquiring a consort!  However, if he keeps having these little accidents that require being rescued, his parents, King Steven and King-Consort Raleigh have threatened to find Aiden a consort and curtail his freedom to pursue his art.  This has kept Aiden toeing the line, or at least seeming to, but when he is caught falling out of a tree by visiting dignitary Nathaniel Hawkins, Lord Deverell, Aiden finds something outside of his art to hold his interest.  Aiden wants to pursue his attraction for this handsome man, but how to do that without being compromised?

Nathaniel Hawkins is a captain in the Intergalactic Navy and he has been sent undercover to Regelence to investigate the theft of a stash of IN weapons.  Nate reluctantly accepts this assignment to investigate knowing that he is entering into a patriarchic society where the nobility is composed of male pairings and where young men are expected to remain pure until marriage.  Nate thinks he is ready to handle the situation, until he comes across one of the Kingís unmarried sons.  Now Nate has to fight his attraction for Aiden, or he risks compromising the boy and ending up married to him.

My Fair Captain is by far one of the best books Iíve read in a long while.  Itís a fast passed, erotic and humorous story that will engage you from the very first word.  Aiden and Nate are amazing characters that you will love for their charm, wit and sense of humor, and of course it doesnít hurt that they are both hunks!  The plot is very compelling and the chemistry between Aiden and Nate will scorch you every time they come together.  Ms. Langley creates a great world for her characters to inhabit, and I hope we will get to explore it further in future books.  The secondary characters are wonderful and add playfulness to the book that is thoroughly enjoyable.  J.L. Langley did a masterful job in My Fair Captain creating characters and a world that you will want to revisit often.  If you enjoy spicy and playful m/m romances I recommend that you pick up My Fair Captain today, but be warned you might stay up all night reading this book!


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