Mating Call by Emily Ryan-Davis
Dragon Queen 1
Freya's Bower
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-934069-39-6
Reviewed by Niniri



Born with magic in her blood, Cora Phillips is pretty certain she was skipped by the dominant traits of her family's heritage.  She knows her mother and sister are the ones who will keep the Lune traditions since she lacks the talent and the desire to take up the legacy of Dragonkeeper.  She left the neo-pagan lifestyle behind, along with the velvet, lace and the social whirl her kinswomen revel in—yet she finds herself sucked back into it during a bout of sleep deprivation and an invitation to celebrate Winter Solstice with them.

Much to her mother’s and sister's surprise, and certainly to Cora's dismay, her reluctant efforts to reconnect with her 'inner divinity' winds up with a pair of ancient dragons in her sacred circle.  Cora doesn't know what to think when her mother informs her that it's fate, with every Dragonkeeper issuing a call to mate—except nobody counted on Cora having the ability to conjure one dragon, never mind two!

Ms. Ryan-Davis has created a delightful, if reluctant, heroine in Cora.  She's well grounded in the reality that most people know, yet the author does an excellent job handling the aspects of Wicca and neo-pagan ritual and religion which I found a pleasant surprise.

Mating Call sets the groundwork for what promises to be an intriguing tale of passion, self-discovery and mystery.  The 'owners' of the dragons are two very different men with seemingly very different motives that will both surprise and delight the reader.  You'll find yourself eagerly awaiting the next installment in what promises to be an enthralling story of one woman's journey through unexpected changes in her life.


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