Making Chase by Lauren Dane
Chase Brothers series, Book 4
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-505-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




As part owner of Murphy’s Cut and Curl, Tate Murphy has a very full life.  She is busy with her business and close to her family. Her life is complete.  Almost.  After her family leaves for the day and her home is quiet, Tate wishes for more.  She would love to have someone to share her life with.  Someone to share her family with.  Someone to share children with.  The person Tate craves is fireman Matt Chase. But Tate is realistic; she knows that a woman like her would never interest a man like him.  So, Tate has to content herself to watching him in secret from her beauty shop as he arrives to the station for his shift.  Until the day he helps her after she is hurt in an accident.

Most of the time his family and beautiful women surround Matt Chase.  The more he watches his brothers with their wives the more he yearns for a mate of his own.  Tired of the empty headed women he is more often than not prone to date, Matt talks with his older brother who urges him to step outside his usual dating box.  Easier said than done but help comes in the form of a box of homemade cookies baked by the woman he helped the other day when she had been injured in an accident.  Realizing the return address on the box of cookies is the beauty shop across the street, Matt goes to thank the sender for her thoughtfulness.  As he walks through the door and sees the curvy blonde, his destiny is sealed.  The final Chase brother has fallen, and fallen hard.

Have you ever hated for a series to end and wished for the author to find another family member in which to write about? While I have adored every installment in this series, Making Chase is by far my favorite.  Matt is the ultimate playboy.  Playful, sexy as all get out, and truly a good person, I fell in love with him just as much as Tate.  His adoration of her was a beautiful thing and I found him the most chivalrous of the four brothers.  Tate was a harder egg to crack.  Tough on the outside but emotionally fragile on the inside, I just wanted to grab her up, give her a hug, and make her sadness go away.  Truly loyal to her family, I have to admit that she was a great heroine to Matt’s hero.  Stubborn, feisty, and often times pigheaded, Tate gave Matt a run for his money and it was perfect. 

If the first three books in this series haven’t been read, I recommend wholeheartedly reading each and every one.  While Making Chase by Lauren Dane can stand alone, the full effect of this wonderful family is a must read experience.  I joyfully recommend it!


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