Lord and Master by Jules Jones
Loose Id
Yaoi Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-410-7
Reviewed by Shannon




Mark Paulson has been given a great opportunity. The chance to work as a personal assistant may not be something every scientist wanted to do, but working under Dr. Frost would give him the opportunity to be mentored by a great individual. The fact that Steven happens to be older, successful and devastatingly handsome Ė everything Mark wants in a man Ė is just a perk.

Dr. Steven Frost was looking for a young scientist to train as his PA, someone to help him run his technology company. When his old university friend recommended Mark, the fact that he is young and attractive is just icing on the cake.

Both men are amused by the rumors swirling around the office. The other staff are questioning if something is happening behind the closed doors of Stevenís office. Late one night, both men are surprised when their attraction blooms into an intense sexual encounter. Can these two scientists take their office fling out into the real world?

Iíve always been a huge fan of the yaoi genre, and with Lord and Master Jules Jones has managed to write a fantastic romance that satisfied every one of my yaoi needs. Mark and Steven compliment each other in every way and I loved reading about their journey. The sex was hot, and the relationship between the two men evolved in a fascinating way. I couldnít stop reading! Lord and Master isnít just about two hot men, itís about life, and the trials and tribulations that everyone has to go through. I loved getting a glimpse into the lives of Mark and Steven, and I couldnít stop smiling after I finished reading. Lord and Master should be read by anyone looking for a brilliant yaoi novel.


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