Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James
Samhain Publishing
Western Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-468-7
Reviewed by Indy




Channing Kincaid’s lone adventure to get from underneath her family’s expectations has a bumpy start when she learns the cowboy she’s been running with is doing a little extra running on the side. Horrified that her adventure may come to an abrupt end before all of her fantasies are fulfilled, Channing is pleasantly flustered when Coby McKay comes to her rescue. Star cowboy on the circuit and rodeo magnet for willing women, wanting to play dirty games decides he has an answer to Channing’s current dilemma. Become the personal buckle bunny for him and his riding buddies Trevor and Edgard. Anything he says goes and she shares her favors with all of them the entire week it will take them to reach Cheyenne. Channing’s own personal desires for sexual freedom ensures that her answer will be yes. Now this impromptu foursome will come to learn a lot about each other in the next seven days including how lust sometimes turns into something much deeper.

Talk about taking westerns to an entirely new level, Long Hard Ride is everything you need in a story if you’re looking for something rough and want it to last. All the things I love when I’m in the mood for raunchy escapades were provided with a backdrop of a wildly emotional love story. Channing’s road to sexual discovery at the rein of Coby left me wanting to find my own tough cowboy. Outside of the kinkiness, which of course I loved, the best part of this story was the dynamic of the different connections between all parties involved. Edgard and Trevor as seconds to the budding romance between Channing and Colby were an intricate part of this tale that wouldn’t have been as good without them.

The rodeo life, friendships made, and the loyalty and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for people who share a common passion made this story not only an erotic treat but also a joy to read. Lorelei James has created another stunner full of intricate relationships that aren’t as easy to define but bring their own personal brand of uniqueness to this story. For those who love a good romance that is drenched with brutal passionate encounters then you definitely don’t want to miss Ms. James latest offering.


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