Levís Discovery by Jade Buchanan
The Felidae 4
Changeling Press
ISBN 978-1-59596-695-7
Reviewed by Rosemary




In this episode of the Felidae, Lev Gatti claims his bond mate, Aaron Coleman, a human.    Lev is worried that this bonding will hurt his chosen mate, Morgan Laren.  Aaron has misgivings, yet he canít stop thinking about both men.  Morgan is afraid of losing Lev.

Levís Discovery continues the epic saga of sultry cats and their mates.  The cocky Aaron has no problem revealing his desires for the hot savory leo Lev and the sexy spotted all over pardus Morgan.  The talented Jade Buchanan delivers yet another laugh out loud funny and very sensual story.  I recommend getting the whole series to enjoy the full impact of the fantastic Felidae.


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